Free T-Shirt Fundraiser Website

Create Your Own Free Fundraising T-Shirt Fundraiser Website!


Our Free Fundraising T-Shirt Website Puts the Fun Back in Fundraising!

Sell T shirts, Hoodies, Beanie Caps, Water Bottles, and more with no hassles at all! And 50% of sales go to support your cause!


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How it works

  • You send us your logo, or design, or we can make one for you.

  • Tell us the name of your shop

  • Tell us what you want it on, T-Shirts, Hoodies etc.

  • Let us know how many you intend to sell.

  • We handle the setup of the shop, handle the orders, and print and ship them to you once you meet your goal, along with a check for 50% of the proceeds!


Here is a sample shop